Hello, I wanted to say something about this fabulous wine maker I found. I do not have a ‘sophisticated’ palate when it comes to wine. I just knew what tasted good to me and what did not. I had no idea what they meant when they said “the wine tastes like pears”…Wine is made from grapes…what is wrong with these people? And I have to tell you...I have always disliked white wine.

Having said that…I met Bill. He introduced me to his Chardonnay. And it was wonderful. It didn’t make my mouth pucker up, it didn’t make my salivary glands go nuts, and it tastes wonderful.

So I guess I do like white wine…at least the ones that are made by Bill. You can never understand my absolute surprise that now I am a white wine drinker…and I buy Bill’s wine by the case.

- M. Pakbaz






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