Making wines that are pure while

respecting each varietals characteristics

Our wines are...

born from an intimate process.

Our style is more about rolling up our sleeves and being intimately involved with every step of the process, from vineyard sourcing to the nuanced art & science of blending.

fruit-expressed flavors.

We believe the fruit should express itself. When you taste our wines, we hope you’ll find the many different taste sensations & flavors! Discover crisp, fresh, & tropical fruit undertones. Or do you prefer fruit forward, smokey, full, or medium-bodied wines? 

made at very particular vineyards we choose.

We select reputable vineyard growers. Most often the grapes are hand harvested and processed with absolute care and attention. 

homegrown is important to us

We Hand Label our Bottles

meet the winemakers

The Thompsons Say Hello

Bill is now working on his “Final Roll Call” in life after leaving a 30-year career in Silicon Valley. Happier than he’s ever been, he’s “finally figured out what (he) wants to do when (he) grows up”.

Bill and Chris have contributed to many harvests including Minnesota (where they brought grapes from California), Napa Valley, and South Africa.

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