Bill and Chris are business partners with Benton Family Wines in Napa California.

Benton Family Wines specializes in taking a hands-on approach to farming and producing world class wines.  As fine wine artisans, we honor and respect our partnership with Mother Nature in order to produce wines that have a distinct connection to place.  All of our vineyards are sustainably farmed and our families hands’ touch every aspect of production, from soil to bottling.  

Our wines offer a degree of balance and elegance showcasing  finesse and complexity.  We strive to create an experience in every bottle, whether a Tuesday night or special occasion.  

Our winemaking philosophy is vineyard focused and we take a minimalist approach in the winery. Using years of experience we take what the vineyard has given us and craft wines that represent that specific site in a given growing season.  

Fine wine is crafted to tell a story and be shared with friends, family, and colleagues.  So, open a bottle from our collection and let the stories begin! We are honored to be a part of your day.