Bill Thompson

Bill is now working on his “Final Roll Call” in life after leaving a 30-year career in Silicon Valley.  Happier than he’s ever been, he’s“finally figured out what (he) wants to do when (he) grows up”.

Years back Bill started experimenting with small batches of wine and went on to graduate from UC Davis as a Winemaker and Viticulturist.

In pursuit of more hands-on experience, He and Chris have contributed to many harvests including Minnesota (where they brought grapes from California, including making wine from cold-hardy fruit from the University of Minnesota), Napa Valley, and South Africa.

Privileged for friendships of mentoring winemakers gives us the opportunity to partake in the wine industry throughout the world.

Bills particularly fond of wines that are true to their varietal unaltered.

Chris Thompson

Chris joined Bill venturing out and enjoying wines that were produced in the California wine industry and it wasn’t until they began to frequent the Napa Valley area that she began to sip the wonderful varietals finding some of her favorites.

Chris has her preferences for what she likes to drink and although she has learned a lot about wine overall, she isn’t as into the close examination of how the entire evolution of winemaking occurs.

She drinks what she likes and isn’t influenced by others much. She is a people person and feels fortunate to have friends in the winemaking industry.

The unending curiosity regarding others’ styles, keeps us returning to our signature “clinking of the  glasses” to “CHEERS” the complete experience!